2014 Report to the Community

Read the 2014 Report to the Community booklet

Dear friends,

As you read this year’s Report to the Community, I hope that you will be impressed with our stories (please see links to the right) that highlight some of the many accomplishments of our faculty, staff and students, and how we are expanding on our service to the community.

For example, consider our new branding campaign, “There’s a U for You.” I hope that you will think about our commitment to access and how we provide a local gateway to a world-class University of Wisconsin education.

UW-Fond du Lac students are able to participate in study abroad programs where they gain information and new perspectives on other cultures. When they return, students better understand our own society, and are better equipped to function in an increasingly global environment, regardless of their chosen career path.

Our students volunteer in the community and many participate in service-learning activities that link classroom learning with real-world applications. And, our students participate in undergraduate research, complete internships with various organizations and learn leadership through participation in student organizations. Our high quality faculty and courses lead to guaranteed transfer and the ability to complete the first two years of hundreds of different majors.

In fact, many people are surprised to learn that three-quarters of our full-time faculty members have earned the highest degree possible in their fields. They are actively engaged in professional development and they are proud to mentor their students.

Not only are we well positioned to fulfill our access mission right now, we are planning for the future.  Hopefully, many of you have been part of our strategic planning process in the past or in our current facilities master planning.  Jointly with Fond du Lac County, we are moving ahead with a comprehensive master plan that will guide the campus for the next ten years. The plan will make recommendations on areas from sidewalks to trees, ponds to HVAC, and classroom design to innovative learning spaces. While the plan will focus on facilities, the overall impact will be on creating a positive environment for meeting future needs in teaching, learning, engagement, developing new programs and community outreach.     

Please let me know if there are ways that we can be more responsive to community needs. With county ownership of our land and buildings, and with strong local support for our mission, we are proud to be your local UW campus. 

Sincerely yours,
John Short
Campus Dean and CEO