High School Concurrent Enrollment Program

Earn college credit at UW-Fond du Lac while still in high school!

What is Concurrent Enrollment?

Concurrent Enrollment courses allow you to earn college and high school credit at the same time.

You will develop college study skills and graduate from high school ahead of the game while learning in the familiar setting of your high school - from an instructor you already know.

All college freshmen and sophomores, regardless of their major, need to take certain general education requirement courses.


Tuition rate of $90/credit will be the responsibility of the student and families. Those on free/reduced lunch program pay $45/ per credit. Tuition Is due to the high school by January 25.

Checks should be made payable to the high school. If you have questions about payment options, please contact the high school business office.  Students will not receive a bill from UW-Fond du Lac. We will bill the high school.


My intended major doesn’t require these classes. Why should I take them for college credit?

Actually, all the classes offered through our Concurrent Enrollment Program fulfill general education requirements that are part of every college degree.

Will the college credits I earn transfer?

Yes. As a transfer institution, UW-Fond du Lac has worked hard to ensure our credits transfer easily and successfully to public and private universities. Check out the transferability to UW System schools through the Transfer Information System (TIS).  Students planning to attend a school outside of UW System are encouraged to contact that school directly to determine transferability. 

Concurrent Enrollment Admission Checklist

Fast Fact

A recent Columbia University study showed that students enrolled in programs like ours had earned higher college GPAs and more college credits than their peers who had not taken such courses.

Next Steps

Find out from your high school guidance counselor what Concurrent Enrollment classes are available to you.

More Information

Fond du Lac High School Students - Complete the application form for Concurrent Enrollment at your school


To find out more about having a Concurrent Enrollment program at your high school, contact UW-Fond du Lac Associate Dean Khaled Hussein at khaled.hussein@uwc.edu