Top 10 Ways the Library Can Help You

1. Research Help—There is always a smiling face in the Library ready to help you with your questions.  We don’t know everything, but we are experts at helping you find the answer.  Come to the desk and ask away! We can help with searching the databases, finding books and articles, evaluating sources, and making sure that you are citing those sources correctly. 

2. Computers—For doing research or just printing something off before class, you can come in and use the computers in the Library whenever we are open.  If you bring your own laptop we have plenty of outlets and tables, as well as free Wi-Fi. 

3. Books!—It may go without saying, but the Library is full of useful books that have been chosen based specifically on the classes offered here at UW-Fond du Lac.  If we don’t have it here, you have access to the millions of books in the UW system.  Send a request and the book will be checked out to you and shipped here within a matter of days. 

4. Online Journals—All of our online journals and databases can be accessed from home with your University ID and password.  Dozens of databases and thousands of articles can be viewed from home. 

5. Chat with a Librarian—If you have questions and you can’t make it in to the Library, you can chat with a librarian from home.  Just click on the “chat” button from the Library website and you will be instantly connected to someone who can help you.  

6. Group Rooms—We have several rooms in which students can work with their groups.  Close the door, use the white board, get creative, and get projects done. 

7. Reserve—Many instructors put items on reserve for students to use specifically for their class.  There are books, DVDs, CDs, textbooks, and articles set aside for use in the Library.

8. Media Room—You can play video games, watch TV, or sit and view the documentary on reserve for your class, all in the Library. 

9. Study Space—With floor to ceiling windows facing the prairie, tables, comfy chairs, computer stations, and quiet study rooms, the Library is a perfect place on campus to settle in while you are working. 

10. Avoid Plagiarism—Citing your sources is very important in college!  To help, the Library provides Noodle Tools, a fill-in-the-blank form to help you create a works cited page to accompany your essay, speech, or report, and to help you create electronic “note cards” to keep track of details, quotes, paraphrases, etc. as you are researching.