2015 Registration is Closed

 Celebrating 25 years!

General Info

LEAPS is for students entering Grades 2 - 4 in 2015. The LEAPS. instructors have expertise in their subject areas and are excited about the opportunity to provide challenging enrichment opportunities for academically, creatively and artistically talented children. Courses are designed to meet the special needs of high ability children who are motivated to learn.

Unlike years past a teacher signature is NOT required this year to enroll since the application is online.


Monday - Thursday, July 27 - 30, 2015
9:00–11:45 a.m
Class I:               9:00 – 10:15am
Break:                10:15 - 10:30am
Class II:             10:30 – 11:45am
Parents are encouraged to accompany your child to the final day of workshops on Thursday.

Registration is CLOSED

All steps must be completed for registration to be processed. Your seat is not saved until registration, payment, and the health form are received.

  1. Simply choose one camp (two classes) and register/pay here. 
    The LEAPS program fee includes instruction, materials, snacks, and beverages. Enrollment is first come/first serve and seats are limited. Register early.
  2. Complete, print, and mail the LEAPS Health Form to:
    UW-FDL Continuing Education
    400 University Drive
    Fond du Lac, WI 54935
    (Here is a PDF version of the Health Form if needed.)

Choose Two Classes Per Student to Complete a Camp

You must select TWO classes to complete a camp and for your registration to be complete (Camp cost is $84 ($42/class). Your registration will NOT be complete, nor will your spot be held, if you fail to register for two classes at the time of registration. 


Chemistry is Everywhere! Put on your science goggles and come have some fun! You will perform experiments to help understand interactions of matter in this hands-on chemistry class. You’ll be amazed that chemistry is taking place all around you, all the time! $42

 Big Bubbles, No troubles

Students will try to blow or form a bubble using different geometric shapes. The ‘Bubbleology’ of a bubble will involve students to examine the Math, Science and Technology using the different geometric shapes/methods with various kinds of soap solutions. Students will use different colored soap solutions to create their own design and/or Art. Bring on the Bubbles! $42

Cooking the Continents

“Travel” to continents of the world and create (and eat!) some of their countries’ well-known dishes while learning about the culture. The focus this year for LEAPS will be South America, featuring Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and others. Find out more when you take this “trip” to South America! $42

Irish Weaving

Get wrapped up in the fascinating art of weaving! Did you know that besides igniting curiosity and creativity, weaving is good brain food! We’ll give our hands, eyes, and minds a fun and challenging workout as we create woven artworks with a variety of materials. The possibilities are endless! Wait until you see the woven trees and the circular weaving! $42

Kids n' Canvas                                                                                                                  

Create your own very own MASTERPIECES! Join the fun and learn about art at the same time. You will paint a butterfly, Summer landscape, an Underwater seascape with fish, and Summer Poppies; while learning about background, foreground, tints, shading, and blocking along the way. Get ready to discover your creative side painting four 8 x 10 canvas paper with lots of room for imagination! $42


Get ready to learn the art, history and science behind the process making paper! We as a modern civilizationuse paper every day to make our lives more convenient...from toilet paper, to grocery lists, to bookmarks. Children who take this course will become experts on the craft of making paper into ORIGINAL WORKS OF ART such as decorative bowls, seed packets and bookmarks! $42 


We are looking for parents willing to be L.E.A.P.S. chaperones. Duties will range from being teacher aides to helping at refreshment breaks and monitoring students as they move from class to class. Parents helping us with these duties will have their child’s registration fee reduced to $45.

If interested and to be considered, please indicate on the online registration form or email teri.mattek@uwc.edu. In the email include the program name (College for Kids/L.E.A.P.S.), your child’s name, and your name/contact information. You will be contacted after June 22 and only if selected to be a chaperone.

Registration Deadline/Cancellation Policy

June 12, 2015. Confirmation of enrollment will be emailed to students after June 22, 2015. Please provide an email address during the registration process if possible.

Cancellations through the registration deadline (June 12, 2015) will be assessed a $10.00 cancellation fee. There are no cancellations after this date.


UW-FDL Continuing Education Scholarhip

If your child is eligible for the free and reduced lunch program, scholarship funds may be available. Please contact our office at 920-929-1155 for more information. By the registration deadline (June 12, 2015) you must submit a copy of the letter from the school district showing that the child qualifies for free/reduced lunch. You will need to pay the full amount when registering and will be reimbursed for the scholarship amount when your application is approved. Mail to:

UW-FDL Continuing Education
400 University Drive
Fond du Lac, WI 54935