Where do I find my user name and passwords?

Go to and enter in your campus, name and security questions to find out your user name and password for your campus logon, D2L, E-Mail and PRISM accounts.

My password doesn’t work! 

After too many unsuccessful attempts to log on, you account will lock you out, either in PRISM, E-mail or the computer network. You must come to the IT Department (AE-107) with photo identification and your account will be reset.

A notice popped up telling me my printing balance is low.

Every student is allotted 200 pages of printing each semester. When you get low, you must purchase more pages in the Business Office (AE-112).

Where can I purchase a USB flash drive?

The most convenient place is the Campus Store in the University Center Commons.  They are also for sale at office department stores, computer stores, discount stores or on the Internet.

Where do I get my ID card?

ID cards are taken in the Commons during certain hours the first two weeks of each semester. After that, you must make an appointment with the IT Department (AE-107).  Replacement ID cards may be purchased for $10.00.