Computer Policies


Network / E-mail / D2L

Log On

Everyone on campus is required to log on to the computers with a username and password.  This provides several benefits for you.  It allows secure access to your e-mail and the ability to save files in a backed up location on our servers. We recommend you purchase a Flash Drive or memory stick which are available from the Campus Store. 

Log Off

When you have finished using a computer, you must log off.  If you do not log off, the next person sitting at the computer will have access to your files and email account.


Your username is the first FOUR (4) letters of your last name, the first letter of your first name, and four rightmost numbers of your student ID card number excluding the last number.  

Example :  Mary Smith  ID # 0001234567  username: smitm3456

You can find your computer and PRISM logon information at this address:


Passwords can be retrieved or reset by the following website:

Sharing Passwords

Sharing passwords is prohibited.  Everyone has his/her own logon and password.  If your password does not work, ask someone in the IT Department (located in AE-107) for help.

Internet Usage/Web 

Appropriate Use

UW-FDL has gone to great lengths to provide you with state-of-the-art computing and printing equipment.  This equipment is to be used to further your educational goals.  We have installed the necessary software and provided internet access for you to complete all your class work and related research.  If you find that additional software would be useful in achieving these goals, please contact the IT Department located in AE-107.  Under no circumstances should you install any software yourself. 

Some files are inappropriate and against the UW Colleges usage policy as described in We ask that you not view/save any such files on campus computers.  This includes, but is not limited to, pornographic pictures (JPG, GIF, etc.), copyrighted music (MP3, RM, WAV, etc.), movies (MOV, MPEG, AVI, etc.), games (Yahoo, MSN, etc.), or unauthorized programs.  Violation of the listed (or other) restrictions may result in a variety of actions including the restriction of or the complete loss of computing privileges at UW-FDL.


The IT Department may check file servers and computers for questionable files (i.e. copyrighted material, illegal files, unauthorized programs, etc.) and will notify those users as appropriate. Note:  Information stored on the local hard drive is considered public information and will be removed as needed.

Authorized Software. Students should not install their own software on campus computers. Non-authorized programs will be removed when they are found and the "owner" will be warned. Repeated violations may result in restriction of or the complete loss of computing privileges.

Games. Internet (or other) gaming within the General Access Computer Labs is considered inappropriate use because it interferes with the student who needs to do their work. We ask that you not play games on campus computers.

Microsoft Software. Several Microsoft and Adobe products are available for purchase for a very reasonable price at:

You will need a debit or credit card to purchase these items for quick delivery.  Checks take time to clear.

Virus Software

An anti-virus program has been installed throughout the network at the desktop, server, and email level. The program is updated weekly and individual machines are set to update automatically.


Printing Accounts

UW Colleges runs a printer management software to regulate each student’s printing account.  Each student printing account will be issued 200 “free” pages ($10 at $.05 per page) of standard printing per academic term, including the summer session.  Unused “free” pages may not be carried into the next academic term.  Standard printing is defined as a black and white laser-printed page.  A color laser printer is available in the library which will deduct $0.15 per page.  While a student is logged into their account, the printer management software manages the account and will send a message when the number of “free” pages drops below two dollars.  Students may add dollars to their account for additional pages.  Accounts will be reset at the start of a new academic term.   

Payment for Additional Pages

Students wishing to pay for additional pages may do so at the Business Office, AE-112, during normal business hours.  Additional pages may be purchased in block quantities for $2.00 (40 pages of standard printing at $.05 per page).  Upon payment, the student printing account will be increased accordingly.  Please allow up to the next school day for the pages to be added to your account.  Unused additional “paid” pages may not be refunded nor carried forward into future terms.

Checking E-Mail

The University of Wisconsin-Fond du Lac provides every student and staff with an email account.  This is regarded as an official communication avenue for campus correspondence.  Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to check email accounts regularly for any important announcements and messages.

Students can open a browser on any computer, on or off campus, and enter the following address: Office 365. You can find a link on any one of our web pages. You will then be asked to sign in.  The password is the same as your password for the Campus Network.