Computer Labs & Printing

Computer Labs

The University of Wisconsin-Fond du Lac has one of the highest computer-to-student ratios in the UW System. There is one general access computer for every 10 students. Plus, add in all of the computers in the activity labs and the accessibility becomes even greater.

Students and staff receive a secure login and e-mail account. Users are able to log in to any UW Colleges computer on any of the 13 campuses if needed. Guest users are restricted to computers in the library.


Monday-Thursday: 7 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Friday: 7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Classroom Building, Room 243 (C-243)
Science Building, Room 227 (S-227)
Administration-Extension Building, Room 210 (AE-210)
Library, University Center, Room 164 (UC-163)


Printing Accounts

UW Colleges runs a printer management software to regulate each student’s printing account.  Each student printing account will be issued 200 “free” pages ($10 at $.05 per page) of standard printing per academic term, including the summer session.  Unused “free” pages may not be carried into the next academic term.  Standard printing is defined as a black and white laser-printed page.  A color laser printer is available in the library which will deduct $0.15 per page.  While a student is logged into their account, the printer management software manages the account and will send a message when the number of “free” pages drops below two dollars.  Students may add dollars to their account for additional pages.  Accounts will be reset at the start of a new academic term.   

Payment for Additional Pages

Students wishing to pay for additional pages may do so at the Solution Center, AE-112, during normal business hours.  Additional pages may be purchased in block quantities for $2.00 (40 pages of standard printing at $.05 per page).  Upon payment, the student printing account will be increased accordingly.  Please allow up to the next school day for the pages to be added to your account.  Unused additional “paid” pages may not be refunded nor carried forward into future terms.