What is Work-Study?

Work-Study is federal student aid that is based on need and awarded as part of the total financial aid package.  Most students positions on campus require work-study funding for eligibility.

  • Students must complete the FAFSA (free application for federal student aid) to see if they qualify for work-study. If they do qualify, it will be listed on their PRISM Student Center page under financial aid. Students must accept work-study on their PRISM account before they inquire about jobs.  Contact the campus Solution Center with questions.
  • Students must be enrolled in at least 6 credits during the semester that they want to work. If their enrollment falls below 6 credits, the student is immediately terminated from their student job(s).
  • A student must be enrolled in classes in order to work. If a student withdraws from school, the student is terminated from their student job(s) on the last day of enrollment.
  • A student must make satisfactory academic progress (SAP). In other words, a work-study student needs to keep moving toward degree completion by earning passing grades and completing at least 2/3 of their classes. If a student has a SAP hold (financial aid suspension) placed on their record, the student may not work until the hold is removed. Contact the campus Solution Center with questions about reinstatement.

Work-Study positions for 2016 - 2017 


Fitness Room/Gym Worker

Job Description:  Sweep & mop gym floor, clean & mop weight and storage rooms, help with noon activities, set up for evening school activities, work at home games.

Preferred Skills: Self-motivated, listen to instructions, able to control their peers and must be on time.  
Hours per week:  Will vary based on schedule (tentative hours: 9:00am-6:00pm, Monday through Friday). 

Volleyball/basketball Scorebook

Keep the official scorebook for home intercollegiate games

Volleyball Line Judges

Responsible for assisting the officials judge the sidelines and end lines during matches

Shot Clock Operator

Assist official scoreboard operator by resetting the shot clock during basketball games

Basketball Statistician

Operate or assist with computer software to maintain the statistics for basketball games

Positions available for the upcoming semester: 4-6 students

For more information contact Lee Watson at (920) 929-1178 or at

ART Studio Assistant (Spring Semester 2017)

Duties: The Art Studio Assistant is responsible for assisting the art lecturer in organization of studio storage supplies and will be assisting with updating the proper storage and paperwork associated with the hazardous/flammable materials stored in the studio. 

Qualifications: Applicant must be reliable, self-motivated, organized and able to work independently.

Hours per week: 1-3

Positions available for the upcoming semester: 1 (Spring only)

For more information contact Wendi Turchan at


Job Description:  Media preparation for BIO 251 (General Survey of Microbiology).  Set up labs for all BIO 162 (General Botany), BIO 101 (Concepts of Biology), and BIO 251(General Survey of Microbiology) courses.  Clean after labs, wash glassware, sterilize equipment, prepare stain and reagents, and care of the greenhouse.

Preferred Skills: Preferably a student who is majoring in Biology and has taken Bacteriology or a course in chemistry, botany or biology.

Hours per week: Flexible, but about 8 hours per week are required.

For more information contact David Demezas (920)929-1171 or at

Positions available for the upcoming semester: 0


Job Description:  Help set up labs; prepare solutions and reagents; wash glassware; keep inventory; general lab maintenance and participation in certain Chemistry outreach projects. Wash, dry, and store chemistry glassware and equipment. Keep chemistry stockrooms clean and organized. Assist with setting up labs for various chemistry classes. Depending on level of chemistry lab experience, this position may also include preparing chemical solutions and/or updating the chemical inventory list. Required to wear full-length pants/skirts and full-coverage shoes. Training will be provided.

Preferred Skills:  Basic math skills, computer skills, and ability to follow directions with attention to detail.  

Required:  A grade of B or higher in an undergraduate Chemistry course.  

Preferred Requisite:  Full year of CHE 145 and CHE 155, or equivalent, with a grade of B or higher.  This requirement may be waived with the instructor's approval.

Hours per week: 8 hours per week. Flexible.

For more information contact Ronald Theys (920)929-1159 or

Positions available for the upcoming semester: 1

Facility Rental Tech

For more information contact Kathy Strong-Langolf (920)929-1138 or

Facilities Support

For more information contact Kathy Strong-Langolf (920)929-1138 or


Job Description: Library Assistants work two evenings a week, Monday-Thursday, from 3:00pm-7:00pm. Library assistants also: provide quality customer service. Staff the circulation desk and assist library patrons with checking out items library materials, Check in library materials when they are returned, Shelve library materials using the Library of Congress Classification system, Help patrons with basic computer and printing problems, Assist patrons in using online catalog and online article databases, Perform closing procedures, Work on other projects as needed, such as light research, data entry, displays, etc.

Qualifications: Library Assistants must be able to: Make a positive impression to the public and be willing to help people, communicate effectively, both in person and over the telephone, work with limited supervision during the evening hours

Hours per Week: approximately 8-10

For more information contact Melissa Motl (920) 929-1148 or

Positions available for the upcoming semester: 0

Student Services Worker

Job Description:  Carry out various responsibilities as they relate to Student Services operations.  Answer phones; answer general questions; prepare information packets; typing; data entry; filling display racks; updating bulletin boards and assist during registration times. Responsible for assisting with campus tours, student panels, campus open houses, new student orientations and advising/registration sessions, and Student Ambassador role.

Preferred Skills:  Good academic standing.  People oriented; good oral and written skills; be able to work independently and possess a willingness to learn.  Must be able to maintain confidentiality.

Hours per week: 10 hours/week. Flexible. Will vary, based on schedule.  Flexible schedule is needed, with ability to assist with events during the school day, late afternoon and evenings.

Pay rate: $7.25 per hour. Please note work study is required for this position.

Positions available for the upcoming semester: 0

For more information contact Alicia Brewer (920) 929-1122 or at

Theater Event Tech

For more information contact Kathy Strong-Langolf (920)929-1138 

Tutor (Professional Approval)

Job description: Tutors work with their fellow classmates, in a variety of subjects, to help them achieve their best academically.

Qualifications: Applicant must be reliable, self-motivated, energetic and enjoy working with others. Some subjects need the okay/recommendation of a professor.

Location: The tutoring lab is located in the library

Hours per week: 4 – 10 (days and times are flexible)

Positions available for the upcoming semester: Yes

For more information contact LuAnn Nims (920)929-1146

Media Technician for Distance Education

Job description: This position provides technical assistance to instructors and students in the Distance Education classrooms on the Fond du Lac campus. Duties include but are not limited to: opening DE classrooms; using touch panels to start-up and shutdown equipment; making audio, video and web conference connections; doing sound and video checks; assisting instructors and students with equipment operations; monitoring class and live streams for quality assurance; troubleshooting problems during class; documenting and reporting problems; contacting others for assistance as needed; locking rooms at conclusion of classes; enforcement of classroom rules.

Qualifications/Skills Required: A willingness to help others and make a positive impression on the public Ability to assist others in a technically challenging environment. Ability to work well with others and communicate effectively. Punctuality and acceptance of responsibility. The MT-S is a key contributor in providing educational resources for others. Training will be provided on all equipment and resources. Need not be computer proficient.

Possible Hours: Monday-Thursday. Number of days and hours can vary based on class schedules

Starting Rate: $7.25-8.50/hr. Work study students preferred but open to non-work study students

Positions available for the upcoming semester: Yes

For more information contact Andy Schultz (920)929-1181