The academic departments represented at UW-Fond du Lac are part of institution-wide departments organized across all 13 UW Colleges campuses. The UW Colleges institution is the University of Wisconsin System’s network of freshman/sophomore campuses.

Click on the links below to learn about the academic departments and our faculty. Academic departments are organized across all 13 UW Colleges campuses, which includes UW-Fond du Lac. 

Academic Departments & Faculty
Department/Program UW-Fond du Lac Faculty
Anthropology/Sociology Anthropology & Sociology Faculty
Art Art Faculty
Biological Science Biological Science Faculty
Business & Economics Business & Economics Faculty
Chemistry Chemistry Faculty
Communication & Theatre Arts Comm & Theatre Arts Faculty
Computer ScienceEngineeringPhysics & Astronomy (CSEPA) CSEPA Faculty
English English Faculty
Geography & Geology Geography & Geology Faculty
Health, Exercise Science & Athletics (HESA) HESA Faculty
History History Faculty
Mathematics Math Faculty
Music Music Faculty
Philosophy Philosophy Faculty
Political Science Political Science Faculty
Psychology & Education Psychology & Education Faculty
Women's Studies Program N/A
World Languages World Languages Faculty