Northeast Regional Leadership

Northeast Region

The University of Wisconsin – Fond du Lac is part of UW Colleges Northeast Region, which also includes UW-Fox Valley and UW-Manitowoc. The thirteen physical campuses of the UW Colleges are organized into four regions - North, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast - each with its own leadership team.

UW Colleges Northeast Region Map

Each region has a single executive officer/dean. An associate dean located on each campus oversees day-to-day operations. The Northeast leadership team includes:


Regional Executive Officer and Dean 

Martin Rudd

Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Carla Rabe
UW-Manitowoc Campus Administrator

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Bill Bultman
UW-Fox Valley Administrator

Associate Dean for Administration and Finance

Bethany Rusch
UW-Fond du Lac Campus Administrator

Regional Director of Communications

Laurie Krasin

Regional Director of Continuing Education

Suzanne Lawrence

Regional Director of Facilities Planning and Management

Richard Haen

Regional Executive Assistant

Renee Anderson