Meet The UW-FDL Community

Jack K.

Jack K.

Fond du Lac, WI

I met new people from the area. The professors are great here! I will always remember having my IT job here and winning the first round of the playoffs in soccer.

Kelly R.

Kelly R.


I like the way professors teach at UW-Fond du Lac. After 10 years of not being in school, I was afraid Iwould be at a disadvantage, but that was definitely not the case.

I chose to attend UW-Fond du Lac because it was close to home and work.

Ron Theys

Professor Ron Theys


Dr. Ron Theys is collaborating on a research study for an anti-inflammatory drug with M. Mahmun Hossain, Ph. D., UW-Milwaukee chemistry professor. 

He recently received a University of Wisconsin System Portals of Discovery grant for undergraduate collaborative research. Through this grant, UW-Fond du Lac students will get hands-on experience participating in the research study. Theys is also involving students at the high school level by collaborating with Fond du Lac High School teacher Robert Doeckel.


Tori T

Tori T.


I really like the atmosphere at UW-Fond du Lac, I love the scenery outside and how beautiful it is year round. I also really like how nice the professors are and willing to help you out.

UW-Fond du Lac is close to home and still allows me to be on the Campbellsport Fire Department. As part of the IT team, I learned so much and enjoyed working with everyone. Definitely something I will cherish forever.

Linda and Deryl

Laura and Deryl M.

Returning adult students

Husband and wife team Laura and Deryl took different paths, but both ended up as students at UW-Fond du Lac…at the same time!

Laura decided to come back to school to finish what she started many years ago. Deryl, a former professional chef, is going to school for a complete career change.

The McCauley’s take algebra and astronomy together. But, in the evening, they take classes on different nights so that one of them is always available for their children. Their immediate goal is to complete the associate degree at UW-Fond du Lac. After that, Laura is considering opening a business.  Deryl would like to earn an education degree and teach history or literature at the high school level.

Shannon M.

Shannon M.

Plymouth, WI

I chose UW-Fond du Lac because if felt like my home away from home and the best fit for me. I really enjoyed getting to know all of the professors, faculty and students. I loved being involved on campus. I was able to explore my interests and express myself. 

Dr. Michael Jurmu

Professor Michael Jurmu

Geography & Geology

Dr. Michael Jurmu is known for his commitment to teaching and creating a successful environment for learning. In recognition of this, he recently was honored with the UW System's Alliant Energy Underkofler Excellence in Teaching Award.

“As much as I would like to think all students are as excited about learning as I am, their learning is purely their own for whatever reason they have. I’m here to facilitate that learning as best I can and hopefully spark something inside them to excel.”

Dr. Jurmu attended a two year school right after high school and worked full time while a college student. He went on to become the first person in his family to not only earn a bachelor's degree, but also earn a master's degree and a Ph.D.

Luckie C.

Luckie C.

Fond du Lac

Michaela Nowell, sociology, is my favorite professor. She loves teaching her subject and cares about her students. She helps them out a lot.

I chose UW-Fond du Lac because of the affordable cost and it is close to home.

Jacob L., student

Jacob L.

Fond du Lac

I decided on UW-Fond du Lac after my sister attended and she loved the structure of classes. Obviously pricing was another large factor, but, overall I chose UW-Fond du Lac to feel safe all around financially, transition from high school, and it is very close to where I live.

I love that we are a smaller school...and with that comes some really close friendships and cooperative work among clubs and organizations. It's really hard to feel alone here.

My favorite professor is Richard Gustin, communication and theater arts. He has so much energy in every lecture and has such a talent in performance arts that it makes your class like a show you can't stop watching.

Kristy H

Kristy H

Richfield, WI

Everyone is so welcoming and all of the students and staff are willing to help. I loved helping out with orientations during the summer as a student ambassador - meeting all of the new students and then seeing them on campus in the fall.

Professor Valerie Mumm-Jansen

World Languages

As a college student, Professor Valerie Mumm-Jansen studied abroad in Spain and Costa Rica and also spent four months in Peru working with children at a local orphanage. This opened her eyes to diverse experiences and perspectives.

“I also quickly learned the importance of knowing another language and saw how it opened up opportunities to form personal relationships and mutual understanding that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise."

Locally, students in her Spanish classes are encouraged to identify a need in the local community for service-learning and have helped the Salvation Army at their holiday assistance sign-up event and the coat distribution day serving as interpreters for local families.

She was recently recognized with the UW Colleges 2013 Award for Excellence in Teaching for Faculty by Chancellor Ray Cross and named oustanding educator of the year by HOST (Hands-on Spanish Travel).

Joseph R.

Joseph R.


Thanks to the veteran benefits available, I am attending college. I care about my community and being close to family, so I moved back to the area and applied to UW-Fond du Lac. I plan to pursue a bachelor's degree thorugh the engineering collaborative degree program from UW-Platteville.

I am talking care of my family and working towards my dream of becoming an electrical engineer to lead research and development teams to create better ways of doing things.

Marshall B.

Marshall B.

Lowell, WI

UW-Fond du Lac is a small campus, giving the one-on-one time with professors that is so important to success in school. 

Ryan M

Ryan M.

Horicon, WI

I came to UW-Fond du Lac because it was affordable and I got an education just as good as a four year school.

Kimberly F.

Kimberly F

Horicon, WI

I enjoyed the people I met here and the bonds I made with my professors. My favorite memory will be meeting my best friends and performing in the choral and theater departments.

Felicia M.

Felicia M.


UW-Fond du Lac is close to my home and all of the professors and staff are wonderful. They are approachable and always helpful in any way they can be.

This wasn't my first choice for a school, but now that I am here, I love it!

My favorite professor is Kristi Wilkum, communication and theater arts. She's not only a good professor, but a real person. Her teaching methods make it easy for me to understand...I can go to her for help when I need it.

Courtney M.

Courtney M.

North Fond du Lac

Why did I choose UW-Fond du Lac? UW-Fond du Lac chose me!
The professors here are amazing. There has been so much personal support from my professors that I just wouldn't have received from another institution. I was able to spend my freshman summer with Dr. David Demezas, biology professor, doing research.
Angie O.

Angie O.

Fond du Lac

I chose UW-Fond du Lac because of the low tuition rates and how close it is to home!

I enjoy the small class sizes and the access I have to my professors. They really care about their students.

Dr. David Demezas, biology, is my favorite professor. He has a passion for what he does and he cares for his students and truly wants them to succeed.

Kaylee N., Student

Kaylee N.


I like the small class sizes, and most professors are available to help outside of class. It was the more affordable choice to get my general education. Later, I moved to Fond du Lac, so it was also close.

Professor Kristi Wilkum, communication and theater arts, makes the classes fun and stimulating. This semester I went out of my way to find her classes.


Robin S.

Robin S.

Fond du Lac, WI

I chose UW-Fond du Lac because of the personal one-on-one contact with professors and staff and the many opportuities to be involved with clubs and activities. Most importantly, because it becomes such a supporting and encouraging environment, it actually feels like home.

I enjoyed the chance to be involved with clubs and activities as a non-traditional student. From the beginning of my journey here nearly 20 years ago, I had always dreamed of graduating which is why my favorite memories are all of the ones I made along the way.